In order to maintain the highest standards in California when it comes to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we continue to follow the processes laid down by Bari’s founders for creating the most delicious olive oils available.

Unlike so many of today’s mass produced olive oil brands, Bari is still made in small quantities from our locally grown olives. This produces a rich tasting, buttery olive oil that easily rivals the finest olive oil products Europe and the Middle East have to offer.

Once our olives reach their peak age of perfection for taste and quality, our olives are immediately picked, cleaned and sorted. Once clean, our olives are brought to our mill where they are then ground down to a smooth paste. Our milling process involves a 3.5 Ton/hr Amenduni Mill that we use to mill the variety of olives we harvest.

Once our olives have been ground down into a paste, it is swiftly mixed in a pressurized separator. As a result, the oil is extracted from the paste and collected drop by drop. Once all the oil has been extracted, it is ready to be bottled as a delicious signature Bari product.

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The videos below shows the processes that takes place at Bari's Orchard, eventually providing Bari's gourmet line of extra virgin olive oils.

1. Bari Olive Oil | Planting Olive Trees


2. Bari Olive Oil | Mechanical Harvesting Olives


3. Bari Olive Oil | Mill Operation