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  • Afraid your eating habits might eventually harm your health?
  • Discouraged by your ability to form good eating habits?
  •  Wish your kitchen was filled with delicious, healthy foods?

We'd like to introduce you to real extra virgin olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is delicious because it is grown and produced in small batches by family farmers in California.


A lot of companies blend all their varietals together and just sell a “blend”. However, Bari takes care to keep batches separate so that the individual flavor profiles can be experienced. This allows for a wider range of specialized uses and a more artisanal experience.


In addition, more and more people are becoming aware that imported olive oil is not subject to the same strict standards as domestic olive oil.


In addition, California’s Central Valley is home to the only Mediterranean Climate in North America. This is why California-grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil is becoming so popular. And Bari has been around since 1936. So, we'd like to think we know what we’re doing.


You deserve the best this earth has to offer

That’s why we created…

The Bari Olive Oil Club!

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Bari Olive Oil Club Logo

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Shipment Dates: 3rd week of Feb, 3rd week of May, 3rd week of Aug, 3rd week of Nov

Shipments begin on the next date after your membership.

Benefits of being a monthly subscriber

A years supply of olive oil.

Quality olive oil is often forgotten on our grocery lists when we visit the grocery store. Becoming a member of our Olive Oil Club ensures that you will always have EVOO ready for every meal.

An opportunity to sample our variety of EVOO. We have over 20 types and flavors of EVOO and Balsamic Vinegars to experience.

A great gift! Giving the Olive Oil Club as a gift shows that you truly have great taste.

Exclusive access to new flavors and products. Each shipment will include a specialty product, flavored-infused or special varietals - crafted just for the enjoyment of our members.



Do you want a happy, healthy, more enjoyable life?

If you love delicious food. If you love your friends. If you love that healthy feeling. If you love life. Then our Olive Oil Club is for you!

I Object!

I don’t use that much olive oil - Well, anytime you use dressing, butter or oil in preparing food- you would be well-served to be using EVOO.

Its expensive - If you break down the numbers you’re actually getting a good deal. What you’re making a small investment in is your health.

I just use Canola Oil for everything - Canola Oil is made from a plant called rapeseed. But what makes it bad are the health concerns - its a GMO product, its hydrogenated and has high erucic acid content.

I’m not familiar with Bari Olive Oil Company - Well, we’ve been around since 1936. So, it’s likely that your grandma knows who we are. Either way, we look forward to getting to know you and proving our quality to you.

Our Guarantee

(From At Bari Olive Oil Company, we strive to make sure all of our customers are happy. Should you have an issue with any of our products, we are happy to provide a refund. In some cases, we reserve the right to deduct our shipping cost from the refund amount. For any further questions, you are welcome to give us a call at (559) 595-9260.

Our Story

With roots back to 1936, Bari is one of the oldest olive oil companies in the United States. Our founders were born in Bari, Italy and chose the name out of honor and respect for the homeland. Now, as fifth-generation family farmers, Bari continues the family tradition. Many of the olives used to create our high quality extra virgin olive oil are grown on our own family olive groves. The other olives are sourced from other local family farms to ensure quality and freshness. We are indeed proud that every drop of olive oil we produce is first-press, cold-press extra virgin olive oil.

Do you want your cholesterol to continue to rise? Do you want your worries about your heart health to grow? Do you want to step on the scale and see the numbers to continue to go up? Do you want to miss out on a year spent enjoying each meal and feeling healthier at the same time? How would it feel to look back a year from now and be confident about what the different varietals of good EVOO taste like? Imagine being able to hear the word “Arbequina” and immediately know the level of piquant spiciness to expect, or “Arbosana” and understand the delicate flavor you expect and what food it pairs best with. Plus, can you imagine feeling healthier just be having added more EVOO to your diet? Your health matters to everyone around you because your life matters to everyone around you. You have the ability to bring beauty to this world and we see our Olive Oil Club as a part of that. Its important to take action now! Because this moment is all we ever have. Hesitancy kills. We have to take action for our health and the health of those we love today!


The Bari Olive Oil Club

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Bari Olive Oil Club Logo

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